Short Stories by Penny Sidoli

Orange Skunk is a childrens story about a skunk who likes art. Me Fis Tis the skunk has a party to show his art collection. At the party all the animals draw pictures of each other. Orange Skunk is available on as a Kindle e-book or paperback.

A peek inside Orange Skunk

About Stolen Moments for Art, a collection of my poems AND The Intersection of Daydream and Driving Slow, a collection of my short stories
     Both are available on as paperback or e-book

What readers have said about The Intersection of Daydream and Driving Slow

“Penny Sidoli has brought out her best with this collection of wildly original tales packed with descriptions of the broad landscape of the American West and lively characters who jump off the page into your heart.”  

“Light and wise.”  

“Opens the imagination.”  

What you will find inside The Intersection of Daydream and Driving Slow, a book about the American West.  The Intersection of Daydream and Driving Slow is a collection of short stories with the setting of the contemporary American West. In each story the reader will discover a wider West full of possibility and imaginative adventure, a mix of scruffy, rough, tense, and smooth like chopped nuts on ice cream.  Each story spills its love, created with strong, compelling writing. Penny Sidoli is a creative force gentle  as the sunset, remarkable as a gallop. It’s all about the southwest desert, the northwest forest, all about solitude, music, love, biologists, geologists, criminals, magic, birds, boats, red dresses, old trucks and ranches.

    The Last Bear In Santa Barbara is a book for kids who like adventure and history, also available at bookstores and on Amazon.

Book Cover for The Last Bear In Santa Barbara

Cubby is The Last Bear In Santa Barbara

Cubby says, "The Last Bear In Santa Barbara was written especially for 3rd and 4th graders. This is
an exciting story about two Santa Barbara children who slip back in time to 1853 and help to 
rescue a bear cub from the clutches of the villainous bear-hunter, Captain Nidever."

What kids say about The Last Bear In Santa Barbara
“It was a great book.” --- Spike, the kid in the suit.
“It was a cool story you got there.” --- Lali
“I liked the baby cub’s name. I liked when they time traveled.” --- Jacky, 3rd Grade

Cover art of The Last Bear In Santa Barbara is by the American artist Carol Hagan - take a look at her other beautiful paintings ! It's an honor to have her "Little Griz" on the cover of The Last Bear In Santa Barbara.

Pictures of Cubby, Tuckers Grove Park and more, for The Last Bear In Santa Barbara

The Last Bear In Santa Barbara is illustrated by Peggy Lindt. Yes, her name is just like the best chocolates in the world. Take a look at other examples of her great talent at Peggy's own website, 
Can you tell that Peggy loves dogs !


What else is Penny Sidoli doing ?   Scribbling, writing, doodling, drawing, reading, daydreaming & telling wonderful and fascinating stories, just the usual stuff ! 

I write stories for both children and adults. You can contact me at  

I love to hear from readers. Your opinions are important to me. While you are at it, tell me why you like to read. I have a strong interest in literature, so go ahead and tell me about any fiction books you think are great or just to talk about some interesting ideas that came about from reading a particular fiction book. 

The first books I read as a child was Robin Hood and His Band of Merry Men, and Tales of King Arthur. Today I enjoy reading poetry and both classic and contemporary fiction from all around the world. I have great respect for Ray Bradbury, Leo Tolstoy, Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Willa Cather, Philip K. Dick, Sigrid Undset, Haruki Murakami, Karen von Blixen (Isak Dineson), J.K. Rowling, Neil Gaiman, Carson McCullers, Donn Byrne, and many many other authors ---- this could be a very very very long list and I always regret if I leave out the name of an author I enjoy reading. One of the joys of the world is that there are so many stories to discover.

I wish you all the best reading in the world. May you always be inspired with wonder as you read a story and as you wander in your own imagination.

Below is a link to the Blurb version of The Last Bear In Santa Barbara. Take a peek !